Green Leaf Sheds


Welcome to Green Leaf Sheds! A new opportunity for year-round organic gardening.

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Green Leaf Sheds is one of the premiere lines of growing sheds for those who want to do some year-round organic gardening in a controlled environment. The grow sheds are manufactured by Bird Boyz Builders, a company known for their durable, high quality wood sheds.

The Green Leaf Sheds are perfect for growing any type of vegetables, herbs, and other plants all year round. These grow sheds are very mmj friendly. From the front, these small buildings look like an ordinary backyard wooden storage shed, but when you walk inside, you’ll find a fully equipped growing space that’s insulated, foil-faced Styrofoam wall board and rough wired for lights and other electrical devices. The door is a three foot standard house door, so once you lock your grow shed, you know it’s well protected.

A Green Leaf Shed is perfect for indoor organic growing or for any other activity that requires an insulated area with controlled lighting, temperature and ventilation. These sheds can also be equipped with all the equipment needed for the turn key grow shed!


Green Leaf Sheds come in a number of different sizes ranging from a 4’ by 8’ by 8’ small gable style shed to the large barn style 12’ by 24’ by 6’ model. They also have an 8’ by 20’ by 8’ half greenhouse, half grow shed that features poly carbonate on one side and a grow shed on the other with a divider wall in between. They also include everything you need to finish the electrical and connect the shed to your electrical system, backing for hooks for hanging your grow lights, vents and more.

If you’re looking for a great grow shed that’s easy to put together, durable, and will last for years, you can’t go wrong with the Green Leaf brand of grow sheds and MMJ growing accessories.

Also coming soon are greenhouses with blackout systems for larger MMJ and other growing needs.

Grow all of your plants in the privacy of a “storage shed”!